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Accurate Neuromonitoring Employees Rally to Help Those in Need

We’re so proud of the way our employees always step up to help those in need. This was proven, once again, during this past fall’s round of hurricane horror stories.
Anne Behn
Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit, employee Anne Behn identified a non-profit that provides aid directly to victims — the Austin Disaster Relief Network (, a 501(c)(3) organization comprised of over 175 Greater Austin churches and thousands of volunteers trained to bring hope into crisis. Business partners, local agencies and community support play a vital role in ADRN’s mission, and it’s through the generosity of their in-kind donations, monetary gifts and volunteer assistance, that ADRN funds the rebuild/repair of survivor homes and provides immediate assistance to those in crisis.

Thanks to the generosity of our employees combined with our employer match, we were able to raise a total of $5000 in donations. We set up a team donation page on the ADRN site so employees could donate anonymously online. Way to go Anne, and all who donated!

DR. CRUZ -I thinkHurricane Maria

With the help of one of our oversight physicians, Dr. Marcos Cruz, we identified a family in Puerto Rico who lost everything as a result of the ravages of Hurricane Maria –the Frontanes. The family resides in Utuado, Puerto Rico, where Dr. Cruz grew up and where the hurricane hit especially hard. Family members include Waldemar, who works as a paramedic, his wife Raqual, and three lovely children — a ten-year old named Rebeca, an 8-year old named Desire, and a 2-year old named Sebastian.

The Frontanes’ home was completely devastated, so Accurate Neuromonitoring decided to “adopt” the family and help them put the pieces of their lives back together. We set up a campaign on, and encouraged employees to donate and help spread the word to others: We raised a total of $9,015 and all of the money is going directly to the family to help them with the cost of rebuilding their home. Thank you Dr. Cruz and all who donated!