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Accurate Neuromonitoring Receives Fourth Consecutive Joint Commission Accreditation

Accurate Neuromonitoring continues to hold itself and the IONM industry to the highest possible standards, having recently received our third Joint Commission reaccreditation since first securing accreditation in 2010.

For well over a decade, Accurate Neuromonitoring has been a trailblazer in the IONM industry. We voluntarily sought and received our first Joint Commission accreditation in 2010, at a time when very few of our competitors had done the same.  Although TJC has provided accreditation and certification to over 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs throughout the U.S. since 1951, Accurate Neuromonitoring was only the 7th IONM provider in the nation to secure accreditation. Since then, some hospitals have begun to require that their contracted IONM provider be accredited and other IONM companies have followed suit, but the number still remains a very small percentage of the industry.

“The Joint Commission accreditation is a nationally recognized quality indicator which provides our existing and prospective clients with an instant level of confidence in our capabilities as a staffing partner. In an unlicensed and unregulated industry, it is important to reassure surgeons, hospitals and patients that we are committed to extraordinary customer service and are dedicated to quality management and clinical excellence. We are extremely proud to have achieved this accreditation four times”, says Gene Boucher, DABNM, Accurate Neuromonitoring’s Clinical Director.