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Carolina Tech Team Members Donate Their Holiday Season Team – Building Budget to Charities Near and Dear

At Accurate Neuromonitoring, “giving back” is part of our corporate culture. This winter, our employees have once again stepped up to help those in need.

With team members spread across the Carolinas, it’s sometimes challenging to come up with team-building activities that generate a sense of camaraderie. Team leader Emily Muscarella Sule, DC, CNIM, got creative this holiday season and decided to encourage connectivity by asking team members to share their plans and family traditions for Thanksgiving, including what they were most thankful for and the name of a non-profit organization that was close to their hearts.

Emily’s heartwarming idea was to encourage team members to donate the team’s quarterly team-building budget to the organizations that had personal meaning to them. The idea was welcomed with open arms, and the organizations selected to receive $100 were:

  • The Susan B. Komen for the Cure, in honor of one team member’s mother who was successfully treated for breast cancer this year;
  • The United Way of Cumberland County, the local chapter of one team member’s place of residence;
  • Tracy’s Dogs, whose focus is the National Rescue & Transport Initiative, which has saved more than 3,650 dogs from pending euthanasia; and
  • Feast, a nonprofit that empowers youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands-on cooking and garden education.

The Carolinas team members include Meagan Connally, Katharine Seal, Caroline Languasco, Chris Corella, Dave Kalisz, and team leader Emily Muscarella Sule.

Management is incredibly proud of the Carolinas team — and, even more importantly, knows the recipients will be most grateful. Way to go team!