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Funds Raised by Accurate Neuromonitoring Employees Continue to Help Family Rebuild Hurricane-Damaged House in Puerto Rico

Check out these cool photos to see the progress being made on an incredibly strong concrete house that is being constructed to withstand any future hurricane that might attempt to do it damage!

If you recall, our employees contributed more than $9,000 to a GoFundMe campaign to help build this new home for the Frontanes, a family that lost everything last year as a result of the ravages of Hurricane Maria. With the help of one of our oversight physicians, Dr. Marcos Cruz, we identified the family who resides in Utuado, Puerto Rico, where Dr. Cruz grew up and where the hurricane hit especially hard. Family members include Waldemar, who works as a paramedic, his wife Raqual, and three lovely children — a ten-year old named Rebeca, an 8-year old named Desire, and a 2-year old named Sebastian.

We recently received a thank-you note from Waldemar’s brother, who went to medical school with Dr. Cruz, along with these photos. He expressed the family’s profound gratitude for the donation made by our employees, and shared their excitement about the progress they are making in building their new home.

The Frontane’s home immediately following Hurricane Maria (Sept 2017)

The Frontane’s new home in progress (February 2018)